How an SSL Certificate Works

An introduction to SSL Certificates for eCommerce

15 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

SSL certificates are becoming more and more prevalent within the online landscape. Once the domain of large online stores and big brands, the humble SSL certificate is slowly but surely finding it’s rightful place protecting each and each every website. As the online consumer becomes more savvy, they are expecting to see the security padlock […]

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Which Social Media Platforms Offer The Greatest Organic Reach?

Which Social Media Platforms Offer The Greatest Organic Reach?

14 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

Organic reach is one of the treasures brands seek when they go in search of social media visibility across various platforms. With more than 1.5 billion monthly users on Facebook and 316 million monthly users on Twitter, brands do not want to miss an opportunity to communicate with a huge audience, potentially for free. But […]

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How to Use Markdown in WordPress for a Better Blogging Experience

13 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

WordPress makes it easy and intuitive enough for you to write your content directly into the visual editor while styling your text, but it’s not necessarily a quick process. Anyone who has any experience composing content in the editor knows that you have to continuously reach for your mouse or trackpad so you can highlight the text you want to style and click […]

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Speeding up WordPress with the Free WP Smush Image Compression Plugin

12 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

Image compression is a key factor in keeping your site speed fast. After all, if your pages are filled with large, unwieldy images, they will take a really long time to load – and nobody likes a slow website. Website speed has become an increasingly important search engine ranking factor, so much so that Google […]

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Creating a Mobile-Optimised Website with WordPress

7 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

It was Christmas 2009 and I had a new toy: an iPhone 3. Like millions of people that Christmas, I spent every spare minute downloading apps, playing games, taking photos and marveling at the brave new world of smartphones and apps. Back then (nearly six years ago – time flies!) no-one had heard of responsive […]

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How to Share Your Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

How to Share Your Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

5 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

Instagram: the very popular photo-sharing app that has over 400 million active users. Pretty impressive huh? You’re probably one of them. Well what if you are, and you were looking for a simple way to post Instagram photos to your WordPress site? Sure, there’s probably a plugin that will do that for you, but IFTTT […]

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Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Using WordPress

4 Jan 2016 - WordPress Tips - by

Content marketing is extremely important for new and established businesses. Creating high quality content improves brand awareness and establishes you as an expert in your field, by improving your content marketing your site will ultimately receive more visitors, increase sales and improve sales. There are many different ways to implement or improve your content marketing […]

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The WordPress Developer’s Guide to Security: Management & Logins

31 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

A negative to WordPress being crazy popular is the annoyance of hackers. On this post we will be addressing the need to secure the login area of your WordPress site. Simple things like installing a limit login plugin or integrating two step authentication can help secure you website from those pesky hackers. Limit Logins One […]

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Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog: Top Reasons Why You Should be Blogging to Grow Your Business

29 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Adding and maintaining a blog on your website has many benefits such as; driving traffic to your website, converting that traffic into leads & establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Below we will explore this in more depth as well as why your website needs a blog and how to start your very […]

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9 Awesome & Obscure WordPress Features You Didn't Know Existed

9 Awesome & Obscure WordPress Features You Didn’t Know Existed

24 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

At the rate WordPress is growing, it’s impossible to promote all of the awesome little bits and pieces it contains, which means that some features get overlooked. In this post courtesy of Daniel Pataki, you should see at least a few things you don’t know about everyone’s favourite CMS. Get ready for awesome! 1. Paste to Make […]

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10 of the Best WooCommerce Extensions to Power Up Your WordPress Website

23 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

WooCommerce is the powerhouse when it comes to WordPress eCommerce, packed with features and functionality. On top of the standard features WooCommerce comes bundled with they also have a ton of extension free and paid to help customize your store exactly as you need it. Below we will run through 10 of the best WooCommerce […]

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Finding the Best WordPress Caching Plugin to Speed Up Your Website

21 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

If your website is running slow or you just want to improve the performance of your website then you may want to install a caching plugin. Caching stores frequently used data in a convenient place so it can be accessed quickly and easily, by not having to search all over the web for your data […]

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Quick Guide to Translating Your WordPress Website into Any Language

17 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

It’s always interesting to look at the stats of a website’s Google Analytics account and see where all the traffic is coming from – especially from non-English speaking countries. This brings us to the topic of the following article courtesy of Tom Ewer – translating your WordPress website’s content into multiple languages on the fly and with handy plugins. […]

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How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

16 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Feeling adventurous and wanting to create your own custom WordPress theme from scratch? Hmmm, too adventurous? Well a good place to start when creating your own custom WordPress theme is to use another theme as a starting point. A great way to do this is to setup a “child theme” based on another theme. The following article […]

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Should You Upgrade Your Web Hosting

Should You Upgrade Your Web Hosting?

11 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

It is taken for granted that you need hosting for your website. However, this relatively easy to make decision is far more critical to the success of your website than you may have first thought. Storage space, bandwidth, speed, uptime and reliability all play a part in the delivery of your website, however all these […]

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Author: Сake78 (3D & photo)

The Right Way to Add Custom CSS to WordPress

10 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Even if you are using the latest and greatest easy to edit WordPress template, there is going to come a point where you are going to want to make a slight change to the layout or the positioning of an item or an entire section. As with most things WordPress, there is usually several ways […]

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Yet Another Google Algorithm Update

Yet Another Google Algorithm Update…

9 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Here we go again, yet another algorithm update from Google. But what does this really mean to website owners? If you are a business owner, I would argue that updates actually make things easier on you and your website if you are doing the right things. Google’s goal is to try and make it’s search […]

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Adding Video Backgrounds to WordPress: Pros and Cons

8 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Video backgrounds can look excellent and when implemented correctly can be attention grabbing and really effective. They are super easy to install on your WordPress website. In this article we will discuss the pros, cons and best practice for adding videos to your website. Video Backgrounds: Creative Genius or Annoying Trend? Video backgrounds? You mean […]

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SEO Success & Failures in 2015

Looking Back on 2015’s SEO Successes & Failures

7 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Here at WP Butler we are often called on to “fix” a website so it ranks higher in the search engines. The term “fix” in this case is a very broad request as there are many factors that mesh together to ultimately determine a site’s rankings. As another year passes we’ve witnessed yet another pile […]

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Google Search Console Guide

Guide to Improving Your Website Presence With Google Search Console

4 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Just a few months ago Google re-branded their Google Webmaster Tools to something a bit more user-friendly, Google Search Console. Upon launching a new website, the majority of small business owners are familiar with setting up the popular software and tools on offer courtesy of Google, like Google Analytics, because they want to see all the […]

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How to improve the speed of your WordPress Website

3 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Page load speed is a very important part of every website, a lot of the time page speed is neglected for cool animations or adding several large images to improve the design of your website. Unfortunately this can effect the performance of your website and deter visitors ultimately effecting your websites search engine rankings and […]

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Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics on WordPress the Easy Way

2 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

You would never run a successful business without a set of well kept books. Those books or accounts will offer you great insight into how the business is tracking and provide you with the data to make decisions. The same should go for your website. Your analytics should be your dashboard by which you make […]

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WordPress Sitemap

How to Create Sitemaps for WordPress to Help Search Engines Rank You

1 Dec 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Are you struggling to find your website on the Google Rankings? Perhaps Google is having trouble crawling your website. This is where sitemaps come in to play, sitemaps help search engines crawl your website more effectively. Thankfully WordPress has some fantastic plugins to help get a sitemap created quickly and easily, read below for more […]

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Launching WordPress Website

WordPress Launch Checklist

30 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Are you ready to launch your WordPress site? Each day thousands of new sites appear on the web. That’s why you want to make sure that your website stands out and shines from the very beginning. Here at WPButler we use checklists for every part of our development process including pre-launch, go live and post-launch […]

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11 Types of Content that Really Drive Traffic

11 Types of Content That Really Drive Traffic

27 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

In today’s fast paced world and declining attention spans, your website and blog content has to work just that much harder. You’ve not only got to first gain the attention of your reader, you then have to hold it. Delivering the same old same old, day in day out may cut it for a little […]

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New Vulnerabilities in 6 Popular WordPress Plugins

New Vulnerabilities in 6 Popular WordPress Plugins

26 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

We here at WP Butler take WordPress website security very seriously, which is why we’re always vigilant when it comes to making sure our clients’ WordPress websites are up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins wherever possible. This is to ensure that hackers and other malicious activities don’t take down our clients’ websites! This […]

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Are You Sure You Want To Do This

Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

25 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

It’s a fair questions I suppose, but what is WordPress actually saying to you as website administrator? It would be a far greater help if WordPress gave you a list of consequences if you proceed or the reasons behind the message in the first place. The problem is there are a number of possible causes […]

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7 reason

Top 7 Reasons You Should Switch Your Website to WordPress

24 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

WordPress is considered the most popular CMS around and is amazingly easy to use. Packed with features & functionality not to mention millions of easily installed plugins. WordPress was once regarded as a platform for bloggers but has evolved into a robust platform for building user friendly, SEO ready & mobile friendly feature packed websites. […]

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WordPress Search Plugins

Make Your Content Easier to Find with WordPress Search Plugins

23 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

If visitors arrive at your website or blog and then can’t find what they are looking for, the chances of them returning is pretty slim. One of the key features to enabling visitors to quickly find the most relevant content is to offer them an on-page search function. Now WordPress does by default come with […]

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WordPress 4.4 Beta Release

Coming Soon to a Website Near You – WordPress 4.4?

20 Nov 2015 - WordPress Tips - by

Who doesn’t look forward to a new release of WordPress? Since our introduction to this amazing platform as far back as version 2.4, uploading and lifting the hood on a new WP version has been a Christmas like experience. Some of the changes over the years have literally changed the way we use the platform […]

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