What Is A Ticket?

A ticket is how you hire the WP Butler for any odd jobs or WordPress emergencies that you may have. We even do complete website builds through our ticketing system. 

When you buy a ticket, you will notice two choices, a members ticket and a non-members ticket. Essentially these two options are the same, the only difference being access. 

Our members’ tickets are only available to SiteCare and SiteCare Premium members, while non-member tickets are available to everyone else.

Underneath both the members and non-members tickets, you can then select the priority of your ticket, which includes:

  • Standard Priority – your ticket is slotted in the queue, and we get to it as soon as we can
  • Urgent Priority – your ticket jumps the queue, and we’ll get to it now!

Now that you know what a ticket is and how the ticketing system works let’s get to when you should buy a ticket.

When Should I Get A Ticket?

Our ticketing system covers a wide range of issues, such as:

  • hacked,
  • down,
  • speed increase,
  • images/text replaced,
  • add extra features to your website (login portal, review portal, chatbot),
  • redesign,
  • security issues,
  • emergency; and
  • critical error on site.

In all of these situations, you should address the problem straight away! Especially if your website has been hacked or showing a critical error. If you want to know if a ticket is right for you, call us on 1300 739 301 or email support@wpbutler.com.au.

How Many Tickets Do I Need?

One ticket is enough for the butler to handle most problems. We have experience with everything WordPress, which allows us to manage your problem efficiently and effectively. We transfer this efficiency to you by doing all the work within one ticket wherever possible.

If one ticket isn’t enough to resolve your problem, we’ll contact you and provide you with a quote (which considers the ticket you’ve already bought). If you accept this quote, we’ll jump in and do the work, while if you deny the quote we’ll refund you the total amount. That way, you know exactly how much it will cost before we start, with no hidden fees or strings attached.

Why Choose Our Ticketing System?

At WP Butler, we have over 30 years of WordPress experience, allowing us to complete your jobs efficiently and effectively. Work that might take you 4 or 5 hours to finish we’ll complete within a single ticket. We can also achieve this work to the highest standard, ensuring that your website doesn’t face the same issue again.

By getting WP Butler to fix your website, you are getting a team of 100% Australian WordPress experts backed by a money-back guarantee. Other benefits of getting WP Butler to include:

  • Over 1000 happy customers
  • Simple setup
  • Resolve your problem quickly
  • Constant support
  • Clear costing structure
  • Progress reporting
  • Recommendations to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again
  • Fully Australian
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Our efficiencies mean you pay less!

Contact us today to see how we can help solve your problem


Q. How quickly do you complete support request?

A. Most support request are usually completed within one (1) hour once the job has been started. If after evaluating your request we believe that it cannot be completed within one (1) hour, we will supply you with a fixed price quote to resolve your problem.

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Q. I’m not sure if you can handle my job?

A. The WP Butler can handle anything WordPress – no job is too big or small. If you wish, before you buy a ticket, just check with us first. Or, go ahead and purchase a Priority Support request or a SiteCare plan and in the unlikely event that WP Butler cannot help you, we will gladly give you a 100% refund.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes – We want you to be delighted with the work of WP Butler. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the work carried out by WP Butler then we would respectfully request that you give us a chance to put things right. If after our best efforts you are still not 100% happy with any aspect of our service then we will promptly refund your money.

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Q. Is there anything that WP Butler will not do?

A. No task is too big or small for WP Butler. We are 100% WordPress and can take care of anything WordPress related. From the smallest and quickest of fixes to complete new site design and redevelopment; WP Butler will take care of you.

Q. What details will you need from me to get started on my support request?

A. We will require both your WordPress Administrator and your hosting login details. However, do not supply these in the body of your support ticket, for security reasons we will contact you separately to securely submit these details via our ticket management system.

Q. Who and where are you?

A. The entire WP Butler team (Gary, Geoff & Andrew) are based at the WP Butler headquarters in the suburb of Brendale in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 100% of our work is done in house and not outsourced overseas.

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Q. Is 24/7 really 24/7?

A. The WP Butler never takes time off; however, the official WP Butler support desk hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm AEST, Monday to Friday. All work is conducted between these hours. However, we understand that your unexpected emergencies can’t be scheduled and happen at the most inconvenient times, so we monitor requests outside of these normal hours and will attend to critical functionality issues (such as site down) immediately. Non critical requests will be handled during support desk hours on the next business day.

Q. Are you going to ask me to sign a lock in contract?

A. No – We don’t believe in contracts or cancellation fees. Our WP Butler SiteCare plans are automatically billed monthly to your credit card or PayPal account for hassle free management. We believe WP Butler offers the very best 100% Australian WordPress support available and that is why WP Butler customers stay month after month, year after year.

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Q. My site has been hacked – can you fix it?

A. If your site has been hacked and you are not a WP Butler SiteCare plan customer, then we will do our best to clean things up and put the pieces back together. Depending on how malicious the attack was, it may not be possible to restore the site to 100% how it was unless there is a previous backup to call on.

Simply take out a WP Butler Priority Support ticket and we can get started straight away.

Q. Can I hire WP Butler if my site is not built on WordPress?

A. No – WP Butler is 100% WordPress Support & Development and 100% Australian. However, if you have an existing non WordPress site, then contact us and we will be able to refer you to our parent company who will be able to discuss your requirements.

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Q. Does it matter where my website is hosted – can you still help me?

A. No – WP Butler can work with any hosting provider that grants the appropriate access we need. If we uncover any issues with your current hosting provider then we can provide recommendations. Alternatively, as part of the WP Butler SiteCare Premium plan, WP Butler offers dedicated WordPress hosting. Read more about WP Butler hosting here.

Q. Does WP Butler provide hosting?

A. Yes – WP Butler provides 100% dedicated WordPress hosting. Our hosting plans start from as little as $99 per month as part of our SiteCare Premium plan, and it includes a host of added extras to make your WordPress website run as fast and as smooth as possible. Read more about our hosting packages.

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Q. Can you transfer my exiting website to another hosting provider?

A. Yes – we can organise to transfer your site to another hosting provider or transfer it to WP Butler 100% dedicated WordPress hosting – view our SiteCare plans here. Simply purchase a Priority Support Ticket and we can get started.

Q. I have more than one website, can you still help me?

A. Yes – you can submit as many separate WP Butler Priority Support Tickets for as many sites as you wish.

However, our monthly WP Butler SiteCare Plans are designed for just a single site. You can subscribe to as many of these plans as you have websites. We offer multisite and multiple site discounts, which you can contact us to discuss more about here. Or you can simply select the number of WP Butler SiteCare plans you require when you go through the checkout, and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

Q. I need a new website built – will you help me?

A. Yes – here at WP Butler we have a dedicated website design and development team. We would love to hear from you and discuss your project. After we have had a chat we can provide you with a scope of works and a guaranteed fixed price quote for the delivery of your project.

No project is too large or too small. 100% WordPress / 100% Australian

Q. I’m a web developer and want to white label your service, is this possible?

A. Yes – we can organise to provide a white label type service through WP Butler. Simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements and put it all together for you – no hassle, no fuss.

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Q. Do you offer an affiliate program?

A. Yes – WP Butler has a very generous affiliate program. Email us or jump on live chat and we can talk you through how it all works.

Q. I want to hire the WP Butler, but I have more questions...

A. Sure – no problem. Simply contact WP Butler via live chat and or email and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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