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Taking backups is a crucial part of website ownership. Unfortunately most website owners and even hosting providers don’t regularly backup their websites. Even when backups are taken they are more than likely to be stored on the same server as the website – your server goes down, so does your site and your backups. Whoops…

WP Butler offers 100% dedicated WordPress hosting and conducts daily site backups which are stored offsite for easy reference and retrieval. Your site is in good hands with WP Butler.

WP Butler Backup Services Include:

  • Daily backup of both website files and database
  • Easy backup access and instant restore*
  • Backups stored offsite with which are also backed up
  • Rest easy knowing you will never lose valuable web data again

* Only available on WP Butler 100% dedicated WordPress hosting

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Did you know backups are a crucial part of website ownership?
WP Butler takes care of your website. You will never lose valuable web data again!