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In one of our recent Lunchtime Live Q&A sessions, Bruce from Melbourne asked “What’s your favourite contact form plugin, and why?” Check out the video below where Geoff and Gary tackle that question. If you do have a burning WordPress question that you would like us to answer, email us at webmaster@wpbutler.com.au or join us on Facebook for our Lunchtime Live.

Andrew Marks: [00:00:00] Hi everyone! Andrew here from WP Butler, Australia’s Home of WordPress. Now every Friday we go live on Facebook to answer all of your WordPress questions in a session we like to call our Lunchtime Live Q&A. We’d love for you to join us. Just jump on Facebook and “Like” our Facebook page so we can notify you when we do go live. We’re live typically at about 12:30 on a Friday. That’s Australian Eastern Standard Time, because we’re located in Brisbane. If you’re lunchtimes and our lunchtimes don’t coincide, never fear, you can always shoot any questions via email webmaster@wpbutler.com.au. Or even just hit us up on Facebook with your questions and the replay will obviously be on Facebook, it will also be on YouTube and all of our social channels.

Andrew Marks: [00:00:43] In a recent session, we had Bruce write in and ask “What does our favourite contact form to use?” WordPress doesn’t come with a contact form built in, so you need to add it using a plugin. I’ll throw to Geoff and Gary where they answer that question.

Gary Weis: [00:00:58] Bruce in Melbourne says or asks “What’s your favourite contact form plugin and why?”

Geoff Franklin: [00:01:08] That’s a great question. So I’ve used lots and lots of contact form plugins. There’s lots of great ones out there but the one we really love he is called Gravity Forms. It’s the most popular contact form, enquiry form plugin on the market. Really affordable and really powerful. What I’ve found over the years, a lot of the other plugins that I’ve used, there’s been other plugins that I’ve had to use to get to work inline with that particular contact form plugin to get the same bits and pieces that Gravity Forms has straight out of the box. An example of that is conditional logic. What that means is just say you know someone’s filling out the form and you have say there’s three or four different… let’s just say three different people you want that enquiry form to go to depending on specific bits of data that are entered into the form. So you’re able to essentially route the enquiry to different people depending on what options are selected in the form. So that’s just one of the functions that Gravity Forms has. It has built in span protection and you’re able to also integrate like Google reCAPTCHA which is again another spambot protection. Yeah there’s just so many features to it and we’ve really only scraped the surface of what Gravity Forms can do it does. It just does so much. Like I said it’s super powerful, we love it. I’ve even used it in an instance for like an on my calculator. So you can do a bunch of formulas and it really tested me on my mathematics, and that kind of thing, but it’s so good. It’s really great. Yeah.

Gary Weis: [00:02:57] Yeah that conditional logic featuring there is an absolute killer. It can do an amazing amount of things that Gravity Forms. So again, if you want to have a look at Gravity Forms or if you want us to have a look at your contact forms in general, head on over again to wpbutler.com.au and just submit a ticket or fill in the form or jump on chat and we’ll help you out there. One of the big things we are seeing with contact forms, and it doesn’t matter what you’re using, is that it has to have that captcha code on it. That’s going to stop at an enormous amount of spam coming through your website because it stops the automated bots submitting junk spammy email. And we’ve seen some enormous cases of spam coming through forms. So once the bots got a hold of you, you’re in trouble. So let’s not make that happen from from day one and let’s put a CAPTCHA code on it.

Andrew Marks: [00:03:58] Look awesome, thanks for that guys. Yeah. Gravity Forms is pretty much the best contact form on the market and it has so much functionality built into it. I find myself using it all the time. You do need to buy a license for it to use it though. If you’re looking for the best free solution, it’s Contact Form 7 probably is the way to go, but it does fall quite a bit short when compared to Gravity Forms. For example, one of the things that annoys me, I guess, about Contact Form 7 is it doesn’t save the form data. When someone fills out the form, it gets turned into an email and sent. And if that email gets delayed, deleted, put in your the spam folder, then it’s gone. Like there’s no way of retrieving that information. Gravity Forms stores all submissions in the database where you can easily click in and retrieve them. So thanks for answering that question guys. Don’t forget, you can shoot your questions into us at webmaster@wpbutler.com.au or join us on Facebook for our Lunchtime Live. Hope to see you there.

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