Recover A Hacked WordPress Site

Need help recovering your hacked WordPress site?

If you’re dealing with a hacked WordPress site and need help recovering it, click the “HELP!” button below and follow the prompts to purchase a WP Butler Website Hack Recovery and get your WordPress website back on track.

There are several reasons for a WordPress hacking: out of date software, lack of security plugins, no two-factor authentication, etc. The key to recovering from a hacking is to not only fix the problem but ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We understand how frustrating and stressful dealing with a hacked website is. WP Butler has over 30 years of combined WordPress experience and have fix dozens of hacked WordPress sites. By choosing to work with WP Butler, you can be sure you’re going to recover your website.

To fix your hacked WordPress site, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “HELP” button
  2. Click “Add to Cart” and follow the prompts
  3. One of our experts to get in touch
  4. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your WordPress site will be recovered

For more information on how we can help you recover your website, click the “Contact Us” button or call the WP Butler Team 1300 739 301.

HELP! OrCall Us On 1300 739 301

  • WP Butler Website Hack Recovery

    $199.00 inc. GST

How can you stop hackers in their tracks

In the meantime, to learn more about how you can stop hackers in their tracks, and keep your WordPress website safe, click the image to download our free ebook – The Ultimate 7-step Checklist to stop Hackers in their Tracks.